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I’m a Las Vegas native, born and raised in the rich culture of the city. My mother and father were both immigrants to the United States, my father being from Uruguay, and my mother coming from Mexico. My parents would eventually end up finding each other here in the city, and soon after, they had me. They had vastly different personalities, but if there was one thing they were going to make sure of, it was that they would raise me to be an honest, hard-working, and resilient young man.

Throughout my years in elementary, middle, and high school, my parents stayed on top of me, making sure I behaved well, and most importantly was doing well in my classes. Outside of the classroom, my parents wanted me to value family. My father would take me to dinner with my grandmother every week, just to see her and show her how I was growing. We would also drive down to Mexico at least once a year to see my mother’s side of the family. My mother comes from a big family, with 10 siblings, and I always loved to see my cousins down there.

My interests throughout my childhood were quite wide. My father introduced my brother and I to the sport of motorcycles, specifically dirtbikes. This was our Sunday ritual, where we would go out to the outskirts of Vegas, over in the Apex area, or Boulder City to find places to ride and blow off some steam from the week. My brother and I grew up playing a whole lot of video games together, where we would play Halo 2 and 3, along with guitar hero and any racing game we could get our hands on. My brother also got me into miniature painting, which is another hobby that I still love to this day. 

After I graduated from Silverado High School in 2017, I went and attended UNLV for 4 semesters, majoring in Nursing. After my third semester, I decided that it wasn’t for me, and decided to start the Financing program at CSN. My goal is to finish my Associates at CSN, and graduate with a Bachelor’s degree from UNLV. I plan on staying in Vegas for the majority of my life. I’ve grown accustomed to the culture and people here, and of course, everything closes late here so what’s not to love about that.

Many of the jobs I’ve worked revolve around people. My first job was in retail, in a small Abercrombie store at Town Square. I grew up being extremely shy, and my mother practically dragged me into the store so I could have my first job there. Despite how introverted I was, my time at that job helped me open up and become more personable. I found myself having a much easier time connecting with people I met outside of work, and those experiences have carried on through every job I’ve had since. I went from retail into voter canvassing, door knocking, and all the way into my first sales job at HondaWest. I’ve always tried to strive for success in whatever occupation or activity I found myself doing, and I enjoyed helping the people that I came across. 

My work experience and upbringing gave me a love for people, and it’s how I eventually found myself in the Real Estate Business. One of the biggest decisions we will ever make in our lives revolves around purchasing a home.The process of buying or selling your home can be complicated, and even frightening for someone buying their first home.

The type of agent that people want can vary, and they may have different needs when it comes to real estate. I want to be the person who helps people through this process, answering any questions and easing any fears about the process. This requires an agent to be educated and up to date on everything that has to do with the Real Estate process in their area, from contract law, the codes of ethics, any new financing information, and keeping up with the ever changing real estate market. Vegas is a place that I call home, and have been for the last 23 years of my life. I want to become an integral part of the community, helping the people of Las Vegas through their journey in the homebuying process, and ensure that the experience they have is given by someone who is professional, responsive, and knowledgeable.