Here at the Dulcie Crawford Group, we are dedicated to making sure that all aspiring homeowners are equipped with the right tools and information prior to their business ventures. For this market update, we have some exciting news to share. We have received word of an outstanding new financial assistance program that can help with your home purchases.

The program we are talking about is the FHLB grant. The Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) is currently giving away up to $20 million worth of available funds to those that are eligible. If you are a first-time homebuyer or someone that has not owned a home for the past three years, then you are one step closer to being eligible for this program. However, these funds are limited and our Mortgage Lender has informed us that this grant money is expected to run out within the next two months. It is urgent to act now if you want to receive this grant and get free funds to help purchase your home.

The Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) is a government-sponsored enterprise established in 1932 designed to support affordable housing and increase homeownership. They offer the FHLB grant, a financial assistance program that can help eligible homebuyers secure either the down payment or closing costs of their homes. This grant is on a first-come, first-served basis and is usually awarded by member banks and credit unions.

The FHLB grant is not offered to everyone, and they have specific eligibility requirements. It starts with the one mentioned earlier: You must be a new home-buyer or you are someone that has not owned a home for the past three years. Then, your income requirements must meet a certain standard which varies from location to location, and to the program you wish to participate in. Lastly, you must complete an educational course for home-buyers.

Our preferred credit union, One Nevada Credit Union, can assist you in the application of an FHLB grant. If you are looking for help in applying for your FHLB grant, you can contact one of my preferred Loan Officer, James Trunnell at 702-672-2518, or send him an email at If you are eligible, he will then assist you in completing the applications as you provide the necessary details and then attend a home-buyer’s education course that teaches you about credit management, and the home-buying process.

FHLB grants are helpful in the process of purchasing your homes. It is a grant, and not a loan, which means there is no need for repayment. After determination of financial situation via the information you provided, further assistance can be provided to you as well. Now that you have obtained this grant, you can use it to secure your down payments, or even pay for closing costs which can include an interest rate buy down to make your monthly payments more affordable.

FHLB grants do not give you immediate full-purchase of your home but it is an assistance program that will still require some of your personal funds. To purchase your home, you will still need other funding sources. If you wish to learn more about these funding sources or other programs that can help you in securing a home purchase, then contact us here at Dulcie Crawford Group.

Here in the Dulcie Crawford Group, you are guaranteed a professional experience from start to finish. Your home-buying dreams will no longer remain dreams as Dulcie Crawford’s expertise in the Las Vegas real estate market is unparalleled. Her knowledge will definitely guide you and you will feel secure with her reliable guidance. Looking for a home in Las Vegas? Contact us at the Dulcie Crawford Group now!

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