I was reading an article at the Review Journal today about the explosive growth along the west St. Rose corridor of Henderson. It all started with the M Casino. The homes located around the area were at least 20 years old on on acreage. You have the Lion Habitat. FedEx. Costco. The new Raiders offices and training facility. Then Amazon started building a huge distribution center. Next. add all of the new apartment complexes that are under construction or planned.

While commercial and retail grows, so is the supporting housing. “Developers are building, have finished in the past few years or have drawn up plans for a total of at least 36 projects, covering more than 1,000 acres and featuring nearly 6,900 homes”, the Las Vegas Review-Journal found. The article stated, “Around 12,600 people lived in west Henderson at the start of 2019, though over the next 30 years the population is expected to reach 63,000”, according to city spokeswoman Kathleen Richards.

I always knew one day the area would become the focus of growth and I know many speculators that purchased land in the area. It looks like it is going to pay off in spades.

Homes for sale in the area