Though we had a real estate crash in 2008, some of the world’s largest real estate investors have poured billions of dollars into Las Vegas and Henderson over the past several decades, developing some of the most iconic pieces of real estate in the country. While the huge investments get the press, a larger number of investors are looking at Las Vegas and Henderson to capitalize on its growing population and its effect on the local real estate market.

Southern Nevada’s housing market was initially hit with some turbulence when the coronavirus outbreak sparked sweeping business closures and other chaos a little over a year ago, as the pipeline of home sales shrank fast amid the turmoil. But the market regained its footing and embarked on a now-months long streak of record-high prices and rising sales despite huge job losses in the Las Vegas area and sharp drops in tourism, the region’s main financial engine.

Though Las Vegas is known for its casinos, entertainment and conventions, companies are leaving California in droves. Las Vegas has been attracting a number of businesses relocating from other cities and is also gaining popularity as a place for startups.

Not only is Las Vegas one of the sunniest cities in the country, but it also has a very friendly business climate. Neither the state of Nevada nor the city of Las Vegas has personal or corporate income tax. The city also has a much more affordable cost of living than other startup hot-spots like Silicon Valley.

With the casino/convention industries starting back up and with the new businesses moving to the valley, home inventory is at an all-time low. Lately we have seen multiple offers within days, exceeding the list price with appraisals waived. The Las Vegas real estate market is that the median home price started rising at a faster rate than the national average in 2018 and has continued that trend most months since. With this activity, many people moving to the area are choosing to rent.

Rental vacancies are low. Despite the high unemployment rate, rental vacancies have been trending downward to record-low rates. This shows a growing demand for rentals in the area and a positive sign for investors in the area.

Rental prices are up. As the vacancy rate lowers, the rental prices in the area are increasing. This has been a positive trend since 2016, and prices are increasing at a faster rate than the national average. This is a further indication that the demand is strong in this market.

So yes, now is a great time to invest in the Las Vegas and Henderson real estate market. Please reach out to me for real estate investment opportunities in Southern Nevada