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Though the ground was broken on April 14th, the Review Journal published an article that construction has started at Arcadia by Harmony Homes and will be completed in 2022. The property located on Rancho, just north of Vegas is going to be a 324 unit townhouse development. They expect to build the model units this fall on land that once belonged to Siegfried & Roy.

In Southern Nevada, homebuilders have since a long time ago centered around the valley’s external edges, purchasing desert plots and setting up houses as they push Las Vegas’ rural spread further away and to a great extent skirt more seasoned, all the more thickly populated regions.

Las Vegas’ empty land is intensely packed in its external regions, and activities there are for the most part simpler to create than in metropolitan areas, land professionals have said. In addition, there is no deficiency of homebuyers in the valley’s external ring regions, which brag a portion of the top-selling networks in the country for developers and regularly order higher home costs than more established areas. Las Vegas-based Harmony, in any case, is relying upon offering lower costs at its condo complex in a market that has seen a fast runup in home estimations of late. Costs at the venture, Arcadia, are relied upon to begin in the low $200,000-territory

This will be great for first-time home buyers and we have been told there is already a waiting list.

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