Are you having a feeling that you would like to transform parts of your home and you want to do it yourself?  However the problem is you are a newbie at DIY so you need something that you feel confident you can start and finish.


The following is a list of easy, quick and affordable projects that are doable for someone new to DYI:


BACKSPLASH ADDITION – A stunning backsplash can have a tremendous impact on the look of your kitchen.  The project is not large as the square footage is small and it is easy to install as well as inexpensive.  You can try a sheet of glass or the pre-glued tiles behind your stove and sink.  If installing glass try the mirrored or colored finishes.


HARDWARE REPLACEMENT – Good looking hardware can be a focal point in every room.  Replace worn, rusty and just boring door knobs and pulls with stylish models- your cabinetry, closets and doors will have a whole new look.  Carefully measure the existing fixture and layout before you shop for replacements.  If done correctly you will not have to drill new holes.


WALL PAINTING – If you are looking for a new look to a room and want the transformation quickly there is nothing like a can of paint.  You can paint a room or even just one wall.  Remember proper preparation is the key to success of your paint job.  Before painting fill in any cracks and holes then sand, clean and let dry before you start painting.


SHELF BUILDING – Adding shelves for storage can also be stylish.  You can purchase prepackaged kits that include a floating, bracketed or corner shelf and everything needed to hang it.  If your skills are more advanced you can create your own shelves perhaps from rustic reclaimed wood.  For the sturdiest shelving find a wall stud and attach the shelf to that – not to plain drywall.


NEW FLOOR INSTALLATION – Try vinyl tiles that mimic the look of wood or stone.  These tiles do not need a lot of expertise to install.  Make sure the existing surface is clean, dry and relatively level.  Then you peel off the backing on the tiles and stick them into place.  These tiles are good for a powder room or an entryway as they are easy to clean.


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