The best way to determine where people are moving from when coming to Nevada are through DMV records. When they move to Nevada, they need to apply for a new drivers license or ID card and they are required to turn in the ID from the state they have moved from.

In 2020, there were 69,660 out-of-express driver’s licenses and ID cards gave up t0 the state. Those comprised of 64,722 driver’s licenses and 4,938 ID cards, as indicated by Nevada Department of Motor Vehicle information.

As one would expect, the lion’s share turning in their old state’s licenses or ID cards a year ago hailed from California. The Golden State represented 29,918 of the ID’s, representing 43% of those turned in a year ago. Florida came in a distant second with 3,174 surrendered licenses and ID cards combined, followed by Arizona (2,931), Texas (2,847) and Washington state (2,594).

Setting aside all of the obvious reasons people are moving from California and why Nevada is a great place to live with no personal state income tax, Californians are selling their homes are are actually able to buy more of a home in Las Vegas, Henderson and Reno. This results in Californians making offers on homes for sale, well over the listing price, bumping out the local home buyers.

I found this humorous video showing Nevada is ranked 4th on the US for states Californians are moving to.


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