The Real Estate Market and Landscape has always been a highly competitive and evolving market as time has marched on. In this year of 2023 especially, it has become even more important than ever due to online property listings and virtual online tours to take the presentation of your home ever more seriously when putting one’s property on the market. Standing out compared to the many competing properties to potential buyers has never been so simple with the rise of internet marketing tactics. Indisputably statistics show that staging your home is one of the MOST important deciding factors in presenting the true value and scope of your homes worth for them. However there are many aspects of staging your home that one must take into account and take advantage of all the benefits that different types of staging can provide towards your homes Worth for Potential Buyers. 

What do the Experts Say? Why is Staging my home Worth it?

  First Impressions Matter: Over 90% of potential buyers start their property search online. Staged homes often make a more impactful first visual impression, drawing more interest from online listings, according to Zillow. 

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ROI ( Return on Investment) on Staging: For every $100 invested in staging, the potential return is about $400, as indicated in earlier studies. Reduced Time on Market: Staged homes, on average, sell 50% faster than un-staged ones.

Higher Sale Price: Professionally staged homes can sell for 6-20% more than homes that are not staged, depending on the market. Buyers’ Perspective: Over 80% of buyers find it easier to visualize a staged property as their future home. 

Virtual Staging Growth: Since the rise of online home listings and virtual tours, especially post-pandemic, virtual staging has grown in popularity as a cost-effective alternative to traditional staging. However it has certain limitations that we will discuss later on.

Cost vs. Reduction: The investment in home staging is often less than the initial price reduction if a home doesn’t sell quickly.

Essential Rooms to Stage and Yard Space: The living room, kitchen, and master bedroom are often considered the most important rooms to stage, having the greatest impact on potential buyers. Curb appeal and Outdoor yard space are also essential to increase property value.

Decluttering is King: The most recommended home improvement task for sellers is decluttering, followed closely by a deep cleaning.

Staging vs. Vacant Homes: Vacant homes often stay on the market longer than those that are staged. Potential buyers can struggle to visualize how spaces can be used without the context furniture provides.

Emotional Impact: Staged homes can help build an emotional connection, making buyers feel more “at home” during showings.

Staging Isn’t Just for Luxury Homes: While often associated with high-end homes, staging has been effective across all market segments, from compact apartments to expansive estates.

Generational Perspective: Younger generations, like Gen Z and Millennials, place a higher importance on home staging than older generations. Gen Z and Millennials are also the highest growing demographic buying homes today. In 2022, 30% of 25-year-olds owned a home. At the same age 28% of millennials, and 27% of Gen Xers owned homes as well, according to real estate brokerage, Redfin.

Staging is More Than Just Decor: Good home staging also involves neutralizing the home, light home renovations such as updating to neutral colored paint and or kitchen and bathroom renovations also have shown to increase the return on investments.

DIY vs. Professional Staging: While many sellers attempt to stage their homes on their own, professional stagers bring expertise in design trends and buyer preferences, often resulting in a more polished and effective presentation. The Dulcie Crawford Group offers professional staging services That can be included into her listing packages that are more cost effective than hiring an outside professional staging company.

Why Bother With Traditional Staging When Virtual Staging Is So Much Easier?

As the old saying goes, just because something is newer doesn’t necessarily make it better. It is true that Virtual Staging is a new way to stage your home for cheaper and with less effort. However this also means that this style of staging comes with its own set of disadvantages as well. As shown above, one of the MAIN reasons you stage your home is for presentation and emotional impact. In order to show potential buyers the full vision of what your home can truly be on its best day, in the best light, and decoration as possible. This creates a “vibe” and instills a truer sense of “value” to potential buyers for what your home is worth.

 Now while virtually staging your home may be easier and a quicker way of displaying this crucial vision for your clients you will find that it is extremely lacking during the in person walk throughs of your home where you can easily lose emotional momentum with your potential buyers when they come to see your Un- staged home for the first time. In person showings gives the buyers the opportunity to create emotional ownership, a properly professionally staged property increases the level of this opportunity with potential buyers. The best results being that buyers fall in love with your home and are willing to write strong attractive offers.

In conclusion, while virtually staging your home may be quicker and easier for creating a staged vision for your potential buyers, you will find that it is lacking a great First Impression during the in person walkthroughs of your home. An unstaged property can easily lose emotional momentum with potential buyers and it is very unlikely to create the goal of potential emotional ownership of your property with those potential buyers. It is for this reason that at the Dulcie Crawford group, we stand by the fact that nothing can ever replace the way a professionally staged property is capable of drawing in a potential buyer. That first impression creates emotional ownership and thus the result is the highest potential value of your home. It is for this reason that for over a decade our professional staging services have been instrumental in closing so many deals between sellers and buyers and that we continue to advocate for its essential purpose in any deal in today’s market.

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