It seems all around the world this year the inexorable march of time has marched forward this year and blown the winds of change around the globe. 2023 has certainly been a year of change in every conceivable way I could imagine. In reflection of this year I wanted to share the 7 most notable events in my life in order of those being the most important to me first and foremost.

#1. The great honor of being a Grandmother and watching my son grow from a young man, into a soldier, and then a father afterwards. The great pride I feel in knowing that I raised a proud young man willing to stand up and fight for the causes he believes in and step into the duty of the most important mission he will ever undertake in life brings me joy beyond words.

#2. Going outside my own comfort zone and traveling into Ukraine, a brutally war torn country alone, so I may have the opportunity to meet my granddaughter Iris and see my son Joshua  and his new family. This is one of the most joyful moments of my life thus far. Spending between 10 & 12 hours on long bus rides to go into Ukraine was not on my bucket list of things to do last year, fortunately, I have learned to roll with the punches in life and still live fearlessly when the occasion requires it.

#3. Traveling to Scotland and London for the first time, spending time in Edinburgh Scotland & London was magical and I recommended it to anyone that loves Castles and history & shopping in Harrods was amazing too!

#4. Saying goodbye to my mother, Judy Rose, with strength and dignity knowing that she is now resting peacefully with the rest of my family that has gone before her.  

#5. Saying goodbye to my best furry friend of 14 years, Boris was truly my best friend and left paw prints on my soul for life.

#6. Giving thanks to my team for having my back so that I could put life and family before work and continue to keep the Dulcie Crawford Group moving forward and providing excellent customer service to our clients

#7. Giving thanks to my clients who have always been so generous to continue to refer me to more business and to the new clients that have become not only past clients but now friends.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this article of my brief thoughts for this year of 2023. I am eagerly looking forward to a happy & successful 2024 and wishing the same to you and your families as well!