With the growth of Henderson, there is a necessity for more housing. A developer has purchased the old Black Mountain Golf Course to build a combination of homes and apartments totaling up to 1800 units. many who live in the area however are pushing back. They are concerned about the quality of life of this quiet neighborhood and the traffic and commercial development that would follow a large-scale project like this.

Many of the local residents have homes that back up to the golf course and they enjoy the openness of their views and being able to have this area as an open space to walk and play. The gold course had to close as it did not have the members or players to keep it afloat. Candace Carlyon, the bankruptcy attorney says the club has lost over $1.2 million since filing for bankruptcy.

It would probably be 2 or 3 years before the project started and the pulse of the local residents sound like they will be doing anything they can to prevent the development from happening.

From a local newscast:

Homes for sale around the Black Mountain Golf Course