Water conservation is why we see few lawns and more rock features surrounding homes in Henderson. However ballfields that support baseball, soccer and football rely on grass. The Southern Nevada Water Authority board signed off last month on a roughly $1 million rebate for Henderson to convert 10 ballfields to a warm-season turf that uses less water.
Henderson will receive a $1.00 per square foot rebate through the Water Authority’s “Water Efficient Technology Program” to replace about 1 million square feet of cool-season fescue grass with a hybrid Bermuda grass that goes dormant in winter, when it only needs to be watered about once a month.
This plan is forecast to save over 22 million gallons of water. Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Coffin voted against the payment to Henderson. He said the city doesn’t need the money, and he questioned whether the conversion will actually produce the predicted water savings.
The authority’s Water Smart Landscape program, which pays residents and businesses to replace grass with desert plants, is a separate conservation initiative funded mainly with bond revenue, he said.
According to Richards, six of the fields in Henderson will be converted gradually over the next two to three years via the planting of Bermuda seeds. The other four are baseball fields that will have their fescue ripped out and replaced by Bermuda sod this summer so they can be ready for heavy league use in the fall, she said.
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