Guest Post by a friend who is responding to this guy who posted on Facebook. Thanks Tim for your thoughts.

Stanley Cup Golden Knights

I find it hilarious people still don’t realize that Vegas is more than just casinos. Yes some of us may work in the industry however it’s far more than that. I remember going to basketball camp with a buddy in Indiana when I was younger and the kids asked what casino we lived in and if our moms were showgirls, etc. We told them there are houses like any other city. I have had people my whole life say I couldn’t live there and I don’t know how you do. Honestly what they experience on the strip and where I live are two different worlds. Most of us do not gamble or spend all of our waking hours partying on the strip. I am grateful for the industry and that it has created so many wonderful jobs. Also that people can come here and let go, get a break from their life and have fun.

The truth is we are die hard sports fans. Everyone I grew up with and most of my friends and co workers are super dedicated to whatever teams they support. The major difference is that we never had a professional team here, so we had to either pick our teams early on or inherit them from family. What makes the Golden Knights super special is that they were born here. Created from scratch and rewriting history. I have been wanting a local team to root for my entire life. The experience cannot adequately be described in words. After the horrific tragedy on 10/1 I saw a city unite together and show an outpouring of support for each other that left me speechless. The Knights have continued to strengthen that bond. They have united a community and have brought us all closer together. Once I begin supporting a team my dedication to them is unwavering and I know most of you are the same way. #VegasBorn #VegasStrong