If you are a Clark County homeowner who has Kitec plumbing systems in your home, the Court has set a deadline of July 31, 2010 for those who want to opt in to the Class Action Lawsuit.

According to the website, “The Court recently entered an Order establishing a Claims Bar Deadline of July 31, 2010 by which all owners of Clark County homes that contain KITEC® plumbing systems that have NOT already received written notice of this Class Action must file a Proof of Claim in order to be included in the In Re Kitec Fitting Litigation Class Action, Case No. A493302 (“Class Action”)Click here to view the Notice of Claims Bar Deadline. For a sample Proof of Claim form, click here. For a list of builders and developments already included in the Class Action, click here.

Following is an exact text from the actual Notice of Claims Bar Deadline for your reference:




Please read this entire notice carefully. It discusses a class action that might involve you. Your rights may be affected by the legal proceedings described below.

TO: All owners of residences in Clark County, Nevada that contain, or at any time contained, a KITEC and/or PlumbBetter piping system and/or components (“the Class”) that have NOT already received written notice of this Class Action.

ATTENTION all Clark County homeowners, the In Re KITEC Fitting Litigation (“Class Action”) is coming to a close. The Court has set a deadline of July 31, 2010 for all homeowners that have not previously been sent an individual written Notice of Class Action via mail to submit aPROOF OF CLAIM that must include adequate written confirmation clearly showing KITEC and/or PlumbBetter plumbing components (“KITEC”) were installed in their homes. If you fail to submit a PROOF OF CLAIM with adequate written confirmation that your home  contains KITEC to Class Counsel by JULY 31, 2010, you will be barred from participating as a Class Member in the Class Action.

Many of us in Coventry have the Kitec plumbing problem unresolved. I have encountered many homeowners in my real estate business that say they never got a notification to Opt in to the Class action lawsuit.


You can also call the Total Class Solutions in Plano, TX at 1-800-622-0130.

From my personal experience with the plumbing contractors in my real estate business that are doing the Kitec re-plumb, the homeowner needs to make sure that they read the entire class action settlement before making the decision on what type of plumbing materials to use for the re- plumb, and to know what kind of possible reimbursement will be available to them for having to possibly relocate while the repair is being completed. Most homeowners do not have to relocate, but there are settlement monies in case this happens. Many of the re-plumb companies are not letting the homeowners know that they have the choice of the new system to be installed in the property. They are just saying sign here and leave it up to us!

Know your rights- read every word of the Settlement! Look up the different plumbing systems that have been approved for the re-plumb by the class action suit. I also recommend hiring a General Contractor to supervise the installation to ensure that it is done properly and to code specifications. This will cost about $200-500 as consultation fee to put your mind at ease that the new system will be reliable and will not give you further problems down the road – which in my professional and personal opinion is money well spent.  Please contact me at 702.285.1990 if you need a referral to a qualified general contractor and I would be happy to give you some reputable companies.