One of our preferred lenders, Bryce & Lova Reynolds from All Western Mortgage, Inc. has sent us a reminder that “today’s interest rates are the LOWEST in 50 years.” On a typical 30 year loan with 20% down, it’s now hovering in the 4.5-4.7% range – making owning a home well within reach. Refinance rates are also at their most competitive. Of course, these excellent rates are dependent on your specific qualifications, income and credit standing so call Bryce or Lova today for your personal evaluation.

Have you recently asked yourself some or all of these questions?

1)      Are you considering refinancing?

2)      Do you have enough equity to refinance?

3)      Is your interest rate greater than 5.000%?

4)      Do you still have good credit scores?

5)      Is your income stable and sufficient?

If you answered YES to some or all of the above, NOW is the time to refinance.

We have worked with Bryce and his team in a lot of successful transactions and have been very happy with the results. Whether it’s for purchasing a home or refinancing your current mortgage, mortgage lenders like All Western Mortgage Inc. more often than not, beat out the “big banks” when it comes to their pricing and customer service. Bryce has over 30 years experience in the mortgage industry and he has been a great resource person to anything related to financing.

If you or someone you know is in need of financing, please contact Bryce or Lova at the information below, to discuss your options in detail along with preparing and sending you your Custom Interest Rate Pricing Matrix based on your actual numbers, goals, and objectives. Tell them The Dulcie Crawford Group sent you!


Bryce L. Reynolds – Senior Mortgage Specialist

Lova L. Reynolds – Mortgage Specialist

Direct: 702 896-1149 / FAX: 702 974-0514