As a Real Estate Agent I often come across the same issues in multiple homes I sell. One such issue which I blogged about in July of 2010 (see old blog post here)


is the Kitec Plumbing Class Action Lawsuit. This class action concerns brass plumbing fittings (Kitec® Fittings) that have been used within homes in Clark County, Nevada. Kitec® Fittings are used to connect composite pipe manufactured by IPEX, Inc., a Canadian company.

IPEX’s composite pipe, which is known as Kitec®, consists of flexible aluminum pipe sandwiched between an inner and outer layer of plastic pipe (PEX Pipe®). Kitec® generally comes in two colors: blue (for cold water use) and orange (for hot water use). Kitec® Fittings were used extensively in the construction of residential homes throughout Clark County, Nevada. It is estimated that between thirty-five and fifty thousand (35,000-50,000) homes may contain Kitec® fittings within Clark County, Nevada, which Class Counsel are working diligently to identify.

This lawsuit was filed on February 15, 2006, was certified as a class action on October 16, 2006, and is currently captioned “IN RE KITEC FITTING LITIGATION.” The case number assigned to it is A493302. This class action alleges that Kitec® Fittings fail when they are exposed to water because of a chemical reaction known as dezincification, which results in reduced water flow and leaks. Dezincified Kitec® Fittings therefore cause damage not only when they burst and leak, but also impair the ability of a home’s plumbing system to effectively provide water to appliances and fixtures.

On March 30th, 2014 the Las Vegas Review Journal posted an advertisement that the claim deadline has been extended toMarch 17, 2017. See the notice below:


Any homeowner whose home was built during the affected years who has not done so already should strongly consider having a plumbing inspection done to avoid costly repairs in the future.