It has been a rough year for Californians. Fires, mudslides, taxes and the ever looming earthquake risks. Most residents don’t have a lot of options because they are tied to local employers but the word on the street is the uber-rich mega mansion owners living in harms way on the coast are thinking of relocating.

Setting aside the diehards who will live and die in California, high-end luxury home inquiries from Coastal California homeowners has been increasing in the Las Vegas and Henderson luxury real estate markets. I feel of all the cities they could consider buying homes in, mega luxury home ownership in Clark County is a great option.

No state income tax. California has a state income tax which will no longer be a deduction on their federal income tax returns.

Close proximity to the Cali coast. A 1 hour flight or a 4 to 5 hour drive. Close enough to have Las Vegas as their primary residence and maintain business interests to the west.

Disasters are few. When we have fires, they are limited to the mountain areas. Me may get flash flooding but not to the extent of the mudslides we just saw in Santa Barbara. We have the occasional small earthquakes but not to the potential devastating threats that could decimate the the California Coast.

The business development climate in Nevada along with the new federal tax changes that are stimulating the economy, Nevada is a great place to do business.

Professional sports. The Golden Knights are a winning team and the Raiders are coming.

Luxury home pricing. The 9 Echo Peak property which has been for sale for over a year is still on the market for $30 Million. This might be a great luxury relocation house. There are only six other homes on the market here below this price between $10 Million and $18 Million dollars. Even our most expensive homes in the Las Vegas market are a bargain for somebody coming from the coastal luxury market.

In Henderson there is a lot of potential. Right now there are only two homes at over $10 Million topping out at $12.5 Million located at 1198 MacDonald Ranch Drive. And have you see that huge white megamansion on the hill to the south over looking Vale Verde? It’s huge!

We have some amazing luxury homes for sale in the Las Vegas/Henderson area. We are not known for mega-mansions but there is always new construction as an option as well over multiple lots.

If you are thinking of relocating from California and since I was born and raised here, I am the local real estate expert that can help you.