In today’s day and age, when people want things, they want them now. This could be buying their next house or getting information instantaneously on their smartphone. The same theory applies when wanting or needing things around the home. Today’s consumers and future home buyers want convenience. With the broad range of ever growing technology at the palm of our hands, having instant gratification at home is now easier than ever.

Enter the smart home. Using technology to convert your house to a “smart home” is almost guaranteed to add value to any property now days. Here are a few reasons why:
A smart home is a home equipped with lighting, heating and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by a phone or a computer. It has one objective and that’s to make your life easier. If you are selling a home that can do that for the buyer, you’ll have a huge advantage over your competition.

Convenience has to be one of the biggest reasons why people desire smart homes. When you live in a smart home you can control things wirelessly like your front door lock, garage door, lights throughout the house, your alarm system, your thermostat, ceiling fans and more, all from a digital panel or your cell phone. Now, if someone comes over to look after your pets while you’re on vacation, you can disable the alarm and unlock the front door from anywhere in the world. If you’re upstairs and you forgot to close the garage door you can do so without getting out of your bed. You get the picture. If you enjoy convenience, having a smart home is something to consider.

Cost Savings
Aside from paying for convenience, having a smart home can actually save you a considerable amount of money. Homeowners can really drop the ball if not careful with managing certain aspects of their utilities – like their power bill. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, users of smart home technology for thermostat control alone saved anywhere from 10%-30% on their energy bill. Combine that with managing lights and other electronics left on in your home and your smart home technology should pay for itself over the course of a few short months / years.

Smart home systems include options for enhanced security systems. Now you can add 24/7 surveillance cameras (with night vision) to your smart home and view or monitor them directly from your cell phone. You can also use your phone to arm and disarm your alarm system or install electronic locks on your doors, eliminating the need to leave a key under the doormat for intruders. By using technology you can now monitor every aspect of your home even when you’re thousands of miles away.

In addition to having the newest security systems to keep you safe from intruders, your smart home can keep you safe from accidents or other incidents. Install detectors to get instant notification if there is smoke or carbon monoxide detected in your home. Water sensors under your sinks or in the basement can notify you of any unexpected leaks or floods in your home. Your safety and the safety of your family should be of utmost importance.

Being efficient in all aspects of your life will save you time, energy and money. Converting your home into a smart home will make your home life as efficient as possible. Imagine your alarm clock going off at 6:30am. At the same time, your coffee machine automatically starts brewing a pot for you. The thermostat warms up the house to 74 degrees per your schedule and your AppleTV opens its CNN app to deliver your national news. This is the future. While some of this technology is still new, you can count on almost every home being a smart home in years to come.

We have determined that converting your home into a smart home will make your life easier. It will add convenience and efficiency to your life like never before while providing you with security and safety for you and your loved ones. In addition, it will save you money, reduce energy and help save the environment. Do you think this would be attractive to potential buyers? We do.

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