On Tuesday night, the Henderson City Council approved the offer for the Raiders to purchase  55 acres of land of land close to the Henderson Executive Airport for $6.05 Million Dollars. The package will house the association’s football training facility and corporate office. The vote for endorsing the the purchase was 4-0 with Councilman Dan Stewart declining.

The Raiders will be spending $75 Million dollars on the construction of the project which will create construction jobs and will support local businesses. The development is located directly west of the Henderson Executive Airport. The approximate development area can be found in the image above.

“The Raiders want to express gratitude toward Mayor March, the Henderson City Council, City Manager Bob Murnane and City Attorney Josh Reid for respecting the Silver and Black to this magnificent group,” said Raiders President Marc Badain. “This is the initial phase in making a cutting edge lasting home office and practice office in Henderson. We trust that it will keep on establishing the association as a solid business and group accomplice in Southern Nevada.”

“This is an immense win for our group and we are excited to the point that the Raiders’ new home will be in Henderson,” said Mayor Debra March. “This is an organization that will add to Henderson’s acknowledgment as a chief group with a portion of the best way of life and business offerings in the country and will give a major lift to our city’s financial advancement endeavors.”

Venture Will Create Hundreds of New Jobs, Enhance Economic Development

The Raiders have stated, “when completed, this facility will create 250 non-player jobs.” Just how many of those jobs will be relocations from California is an unknown, however there will be a need for local housing. Local could mean Inspirada which is located just to the south of the airport or maybe Southern Highlands located to the west of I-15. I also have to think of the tremendous economic impact this will have in the immediate area. Flights in and out of the Henderson airport will increase. I am sure the “M” Casino will receive a windfall and you will see more development in the area.
“We are to a great degree energized by the conceivable outcomes and potential that this venture presents,” Assistant City Manager Greg Blackburn said. “When you put resources into an undertaking like this current that will carry occupations into the group and make new business openings, it resembles scoring a triumphant touchdown.”