There’s one thing for certain you can always expect change in life. Change is constant and we can count on it. I stopped blogging on a regular basis due to a few family crisis events in my life. Sending out blogs is an important part of my real
estate business. I enjoy sharing what’s going on in the market with my clients and those that reach out to me through the Internet.

I had change happening in my life personally and professionally, and I ran out of time to keep up my blog report. My trusted staff of over 5 years were moving away and on, so I’ve worked hard to build a new staff that will exceed the incredible staff I had previously.

I apologize to all those who were watching my Las Vegas market report blog for not being able to keep up in the recent months. My mother was diagnosed with cancer late last year and heart disease soon after. Several surgeries later it’s been a long road to get her back to healthy. I am most grateful now for my family and health more than ever!

I feel now that I’ve been able to assist my family with health issues and deal with my own personal  and professional changes that I can start up my blog again on a bi-weekly basis and keep my client base updated on current market reports again. 2013 has been a wild ride of an increasing market in a rapid manner. This shift in market conditions has caused a shifting of the entire marketplace for the Las Vegas Valley. Obviously for the better with increases of market values up over 30% in just the last nine months.

Question closing now is are we in another real estate bubble?