I don’t need the Wall Street Journal to tell me Henderson is a hot market, but they published an article recently titled, “As California Loses People, a Las Vegas Suburb Grows“. They are referring to Henderson, NV which is not really a suburb of Las Vegas but its own city. Then on April 4th, the Las Vegas Review Journal published an article stating, “Henderson is no longer a bedroom community…“. If you want to read either of these articles you may have to register to see them as their intrusive advertising does not provide these news outlets enough income.
I sell quite a few homes in Henderson where I live. I am busy and homes are selling quickly. Granted, the listings I represent are on the market less time the the average in the Las Vegas Valley but I know how to present homes and get the most value for my clients.
As for housing, Henderson accounted for 23 percent of the valley’s annual new home sales in December 2018. In December 2005, it was only 11 percent, according to local real estate consultant agency Home Builders Research.
california henderson relocationI have noticed a considerable increase in the number of homes I have been selling to clients relocating from California. Between the taxes they are paying and the increasing cost of living, Nevada via Reno and the Las Vegas Valley including Henderson has been a very attractive alternative. I have clients that still hold jobs in California but with current technology trends they can telecommute. If they have to physically attend a meeting, Southern California is a short flight or a 4 hour drive.
The outflow has accelerated lately. Net migration to other parts of the U.S. from the nation’s largest state was more than 100,000 in 2015, 2016 and 2017, according to the Census Bureau. Total emigration from California to other states between 2006 and 2017 was 1.24 million, according to the Census Bureau, third highest in the nation behind only New York and Illinois.
In addition to relocation to Henderson from outside of the state, Henderson accounted for about 11 percent of all of the jobs in the Las Vegas Valley in 2018, according to labor market analytics company Emsi.
While Henderson’s job market and population are on the rise, the job market is growing faster. Restrepo expects it will grow 19 percent between 2018 and 2028, while the population is expected to grow 13 percent.

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