Do You Have a Fool-Proof STRATEGY to Keep You & Your Assets from Sinking, too?

What do you do in a real estate market like this? Do you hold on to your property that’s slowly sinking away, or do you take action now and prevent further loss? What strategies can you employ to save what you can?

The Dulcie Crawford Group is hosting a FREE informative seminar on Saturday, August 27th, 1:30 PM to discuss viable strategies that can help you. As a Nevada property owner, you’re probably in the same situation as 80% of the population.

Are you thinking of walking away because you think there is no other way out? You have questions, we may have the answers. There are options! Before you do anything, give us a chance to show you how WE CAN HELP.

Among the topics to be covered are:

  • Loan Modification —Solution or Myth?
  • Short Sale Strategies that Lead to a Deficiency Release
  • How to Walk Away from Debt But Still Protect Your Assets
  • Your Credit After A Short Sale, Foreclosure or Bankruptcy
  • Asset Trust Protection— why you need to have one to protect your family
  • Do you need legal representation? We have partnered with a leading short sale and asset protection attorneys to offer you FREE consultation.