There are many decisions to make when buying a home – do you want a resale home or a newly built home?  New homes can offer features built-in that older homes are not equipped with.


Of course when purchasing a new home you have options like appliances and countertops that you can decide on in your home that are suited to you.  Some builders offer custom design options that you select to personalize your new home.  Many new options are new environment friendly/energy efficient up grades such as solar power.


There are other factors in a buying a new home in a new community. When buyers move in to a subdivision at the same time nobody is the “new kid on the block.”  Everyone in the community is new and friendships are easily made.


New homes can accommodate advanced technologies like smarthouse wiring, security systems and sophisticated lighting plans, and can be tailored to meet the individual home owner’s needs.  Home builders plan for the increased number and type of electronics and appliances used by today’s families so a newly built home has many more electrical outlets including usb ports, making a new home much more technology friendly.


Today, new home layouts feature more open spaces and rooms that flow into each other more easily – this is great for entertaining. The open layouts give the feeling of spaciousness and light from having additional windows.


New communities also offer fitness centers, pools, walking trails, parks and tennis and basketball courts that give you additional opportunities for interaction among neighbors of all ages.


Many buyers do not realize that your Realtor is an asset in the new home selection and negotiation process.  A Realtor knows what is required as far as disclosures by the builder, and how to interpret the builder’s contract as well has HOA rules and regulations.  It’s free for the buyer to bring their Realtor to represent them in a new home purchase.  Give me a call to discuss your Real Estate needs.


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